Archbishop Gallagher: Promoting peace is true instrument of defense

(Isabella Piro. Vatican News).

Faced with the conflicts that currently tear apart various parts of the world in a “third world war fought piecemeal”, faced with the arms race, nuclear threats, and terrorism, we must “understand that defense is not solely about military might but also about fostering institutions and promoting agreements between peoples.” Archbishop Paul Richard Gallagher, Vatican Secretary for Relations with States and International Organizations, offered this assessment on Friday as he concluded his five-day visit to the Philippines. Speaking at the headquarters of the Foreign Service Institute in Pasay City, the Archbishop provided a broad reflection on the Holy See’s diplomacy in the contemporary international context, reiterating that talking about victory or defeat in our current context “is unrealistic.” Instead, he noted, it is necessary to establish “a new, just order” that transcends divisions and looks toward the recognition of human dignity.