Vatican prosecutor who won ‘trial of the century’ trapped in a slasher movie

(Crux. John L. Allen Jr).

Classic slasher movies are notorious for the plot twist in which the villain, believed to be dead, pops back up for one last stab of the knife or lunge of the chainsaw. The take-away is that just when you think the scary part is over, get ready for another jolt. It’s a lesson which, in a different guise, chief Vatican prosecutor Alessandro Diddi is learning the hard way right now. Last December, Diddi, the Vatican’s Promoter of Justice, finally won convictions in the celebrated “trial of the century,” a multi-headed hydra of a case that required a whopping two and half years – not to mention 69 witnesses, 85 court hearings, and millions of pages of files and documents – to end in guilty verdicts against Italian Cardinal Angelo Becciu and eight other defendants for various alleged financial crimes. Granted, the verdicts remain on appeal, and granted, Diddi has faced stiff criticism for his conduct of the trial. Yet no matter how nominal it may have been, it was still a win, and anyway, the ordeal at least seemed over.