Synodal Process in Africa “should also foster intergenerational dialogue”: Catholic Youths

(Jude Atemanke. ACI Africa).

There is need for the Church in Africa to foster interactions between the young and the not-so young people in the spirit of the multi-year ongoing Synod on Synodality, which Pope Francis extended to 2024, with the first phase, 4-29 October 2023, having concluded with a 42-page summary report.


Cameroon priest says ‘homosexuality is a deviation’ after president’s daughter says she’s a lesbian

(Ngala Killian Chimtom. Crux).

A leading priest in Cameroon condemned the announced that the daughter of the African country’s president had announced her relationship with another woman. Father Humphrey Tatah Mbuy, an author and spokesperson for the bishops’ conference, told Crux, “homosexuality is a deviation and cannot be given the green card.” The priest was speaking after a post appeared on Instagram by Cameroon’s first daughter, Brenda Biya, in which she is seen kissing Brazilian model, Layyons Valença. The post – which has since been deleted – was accompanied by a caption, “I’m crazy about you & I want the world to know.” The caption was accompanied by a love heart emoji.


Knights of Columbus to cover Rupnik art in DC and Connecticut

(Catholic News Agency. Hannah Brockhaus).

The Knights of Columbus announced Thursday it will cover mosaics by the accused abuser Father Marko Rupnik in Washington, D.C., and Connecticut, a dramatic move that represents the strongest public stand yet by a major Catholic organization regarding the former Jesuit’s embattled art.

Gender Issues

“La ideología de género destruye todo lo bueno que hay en la persona”

(Javier Navascués. Infocatóloca).

Carla Toscano de Balbín. Católica practicante y madre de 2 hijos. Concejal y Portavoz Adjunta de Vox en el Ayuntamiento de Madrid. Diputada nacional en las XIII y XIV legislaturas. Fue portavoz de la comisión de Igualdad y de la Comisión de Violencia de Género. Antes de la política fue activista desde la sociedad civil por la defensa de la vida, la familia y contra la ideología de género.


Madre de Misericordia: el hospital católico de Sudán convertido en refugio

(Aleteia. John Burger – Agnès Pinard Legry ).

Situado en las montañas Nuba de Sudán, el Hospital Católico Madre de la Misericordia se esfuerza por llevar ayuda y esperanza al creciente número de víctimas de los combates. El Dr. Tom Catena, que dirige el hospital desde 2007, se esfuerza por convertirlo en un lugar de refugio y curación.


Lo sciamanesimo e il rischio del maligno

(Agencia Sir).

Con il termine sciamanesimo si indica l’insieme di antichi riti e credenze che hanno come protagonista lo sciamano, figura difficile da definire dal momento che questo termine viene usato per indicare personaggi assai diversi appartenenti a differenti contesti “religiosi” dell’Africa, dell’Oceania e dell’America, nonché dell’Asia, in particolare della Siberia.


Emigranti. Le Missioni cattoliche italiane e il loro ruolo

(Agencia Sir).

Le Missioni cattoliche di lingua italiana, o comunemente Missioni cattoliche italiane, sono comunità formate da emigranti italiani in varie parti del mondo. Nate a metà del XIX secolo per “accompagnare” all’estero pastoralmente – e non solo – i connazionali che partivano dall’Italia per motivi di lavoro, sono diventante, con il tempo, punto di riferimento degli italiani all’estero.


As marriage rates continue to plunge, how can the Church get more people to the altar?

(Daniel Payne. CNA).

The Catholic Church needs to be focused at the parish level to drive up plunging marriage rates among the faithful, experts say, as low marriage rates in the Church mirror the collapse of matrimony in wider society.  Catholic marriage rates dropped by about 70% between 1969 and 2019, according to data from Georgetown University’s Center for Applied Research in the Apostolate.  The collapse reflects the broader decline of marriage rates throughout the United States, with a record 25% of 40-year-olds in the U.S. currently having never been married, according to Pew Research data.  Experts and marriage advocates have long offered explanations for plummeting marriage rates. Mary Rose Verret, who with her husband, Ryan, founded the marriage renewal and preparation initiative Witness to Love, has argued that young Catholics are “not seeing holy, healthy, happy marriages being lived out,” leaving them without meaningful examples of successful unions.