Persecution Without Martyrdom: Modern-day Britain’s anti-Christian attitudes remain a cause for concern

(The Remnant Newspaper. Angeline Tan).

In May this year, the Liberal Democrat party of Britain deselected David Campanale, a parliamentary candidate, due to his Anglican religion and anti-abortion views, in a move which critics have decried as a blatant breach of equality law. According to The Telegraph, whistleblowers complained about the Liberal Democrats to the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) on the grounds that the party has tolerated a “hostile environment” for people of faith, failed to probe grave accusations of discrimination and harassment and “emboldened those who believe Christians should be driven out of public life”. Following a two-year campaign against the Anglican politician by members of his local party and some LGBT+ activists, Campanale was scheduled to be replaced as a prospective MP candidate, as per The Telegraph in May. Moreover, the politician has been slammed for his links to the anti-abortion and anti-LGBT+ Christian People’s Alliance (CPA) political party, which he even subsequently criticized as having been “infiltrated by extremists.”

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