“He who keeps silent is to be taken as consenting…”

(The Catholic World Report. Christopher R. Altieri).

“Who am I to judge the Rupnik stories?”

Pope Francis’s Communicator-in-Chief, Dr. Paolo Ruffini, asked that rhetorical question on Friday in an Atlanta, GA hotel ballroom, in front of journalists, one of whom—Colleen Dulle of America Magazine, it happens—had asked him to explain his dicastery’s rationale for continuing to use reproductions of artwork by a disgraced priest who is accused of serial sexual abuse. Well, nobody is asking Ruffini to judge the case, which—just so we’re clear on the point from the outset—is very strong. The Rupnik Affair has been before the public for the better part of two years. The Jesuits who investigated him believe he is guilty. The CDF believes there is a case to answer but declined to prosecute, citing the statute of limitations. Rupnik would never have faced the prospect of trial were it not for sustained press scrutiny and pressure from inside Francis’s own inner circle. No one is asking Natasa Govekar to judge the business, either.

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