The Synod does not please me: response from a bishop on the equality of men and women in the Church


Synodalin after the bishop’s appearance: “I just don’t understand it”
Monika Zimmerli, a member of the Zurich Synod, wanted to know from Bishop Joseph Maria Bonnemain what equality between men and women was in the Church. Her detailed response did not satisfy all members of the synod.

The bishop was called, came and again clearly rejected the ordination of women on Thursday morning in Zurich City Hall. And this despite the fact that he was convinced that equality and the teaching of the Church can and should work in harmony.

“Not negociable”
The fact that ordination positions are reserved for men is, on the one hand, non-negotiable, but on the other hand it does not hinder equal rights per se, explained Bishop Joseph Maria Bonnemain at the beginning of the fourth session of the Catholic Synod. Roman in the current mandate. However, it is right and good that senior leadership positions in the church are increasingly filled by women.

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