City of Edmonton sued for denying pro-life group a booth at upcoming exhibition

(Life Site News. Anthony Murdoch).

A Canadian pro-life group, with the help of a top constitutional law group, is suing Edmonton after city officials denied the group the ability to rent a booth for an upcoming summer exhibition.   On Tuesday, the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms (JCCF) announced that its lawyers had served Explore Edmonton Corporation, a corporation owned by the City of Edmonton, with a lawsuit on behalf of Edmonton Prolife.  “Public spaces are important forums for people to express a wide range of ideas,” said Darren Leung, counsel for Edmonton Prolife in a press release sent to LifeSiteNews.  “Governments are custodians of public spaces and must comply with the Charter when managing these public spaces. Government bodies like the Explore Edmonton Corporation are legally required to be neutral and have no right to censor content that they dislike or disagree with.”  The lawsuit, which was filed June 4 in the Court of King’s Bench of Alberta, claims that Explore Edmonton Corporation has violated the Charter rights of Edmonton Prolife for disallowing the group to have a booth at the upcoming KDays exhibition, which is a large event held annually in late July.  

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