The non-existent Synodal Committee met in Mainz. Even in its second session, the bishops and laity ignored the irregular state of their fantasy club. Peter Winnemöller’s Monday Kick


To say it right away: No Catholic has to be interested in and/or follow anything that some of the German bishops and the controversial “ZdK” decide in their fantasy club “Synodal Committee”. Several canon lawyers have now made it very clear that everything that happens there takes place in a legal vacuum or is even illegal. The German Bishops’ Conference cannot be the sponsor of such an event because it lacks legal capacity. The legal entity of the DBK, the VDD, cannot be the legal entity of the Synodal Committee because there is no legally valid resolution for this. So now some bishops have founded an association, the name of which is not known, in order to be able to pay for the joint church destruction club, which is run by lay officials. It would be interesting to find out whether church tax money is used for this and how church tax payers can defend themselves against it. The DBK secretariat and the “ZdK” press office continue to carry out press work for the Synodal Committee. It is worth questioning whether the costs will be refinanced by the bishops’ association and whether such an advance payment is even legally permissible. Nothing is clear here. Transparency can be achieved in other ways.

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