Tension between state and church: prayer becomes “sidewalk nuisance”

(Von Martin Grünewald. CNA).

The current federal government is deviating from social consensus – for the first time in history – introducing high fines and wanting to interfere with freedom of religion and freedom of expression.

Self-determination law
In future, every citizen will be allowed to determine their own gender – supposedly a social construct. All they have to do is go to the registry office and have the entry changed there. Anyone who calls a so-called trans person by their original first name and thereby “intentionally harms” them can incur a hefty fine. It is completely new and constitutionally controversial that mentioning biological facts is punishable by a high fine of up to 10,000 euros. This is because the name change does not have to involve any medically effective changes. It is still unclear what is meant by “harm” – it may not even mean material damage.

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