Mara Klein on Synodal Committee: Hope to have symbolic effect

(Christoph Brüwer. Katholisch).

Mara Klein is now one of the best-known faces of the Synodal Path. Recently, the non-binary person also joined the steering committee of the Synodal Committee. In an interview with, Mara Klein talks about her*his work on the committee and the pressure she*he is under.

Mara Klein was the only diverse person to stand out at the synodal meetings in Frankfurt. He*she was also elected to the Synodal Committee by the assembly. He*she has now been given a prominent role ahead of the committee’s second meeting: Together with Bishop Georg Bätzing, Irme Stetter-Karp and Bishop Peter Kohlgraf, Mara Klein forms the Presidium of the Synodal Committee. In an interview with, he*she talks about the work of the committee and the hope for change in the Church.

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