Across Canada, LGBTQ+ Advocates Challenge Catholic Schools to Celebrate Pride

(New ways ministry. Robert Shine).

The debate over LGBTQ+ issues and Canada’s Catholic schools, particularly how to mark Pride Month, has roiled those publicly-funded Catholic school systems for years. A hallmark of this debate has been votes on whether to fly rainbow flags in June. With the school year concluding, today’s post features four news stories where communities have resisted anti-LGBTQ+ efforts to quell celebrations, and have instead endorsed Pride.

Catholic Elementary School Offers Pride Day Celebrations

For the third year, St. Denis Catholic School, Toronto, hosted a daylong celebration of Pride that included an assembly with pro-LGBTQ+ presentations, a hoisting of the rainbow flag, a dance party, and “a visit to the school from an ice cream truck [where] rainbow sprinkles are on the menu,” reported Beach Metro Community News. Parents and older students were invited to a film screening of With Wonder, an award-winning documentary about whether someone can be Christian and queer. A conversation with the director, Sharon Lewis, was held after the film.

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