(dymphna road).

To everyone who still defends the mosaics by the foul and vicious Fr. Marko Rupnik because they think you must separate the art from the artist and who use the “Caravaggio gave the Church some of her greatest art, yet he was crazy and once committed murder,” excuse,  I ask you do two  things: look and then consider. Go somewhere that has Rupnik’s work, such as the  JPII Shrine   or look at one of his mosaics online then consider this: The woman who cut or placed  the individual pieces that make up the mosaic may have been one of the nuns that Fr. Rupnik abused, physically, psychologically, and sexually. 

Caravagio got into a fight with a pimp and killed him. Rupnik is accused of creating a cult of personality, and of attempting to have sex with as many nuns as possible in the convent he co-founded. Some sources say that he abused 20 women, other sources it was more like 40. He’s accused of breaking a nun’s finger. He is accused of forcing a nun to drink his semen from a chalice. You know that the chalice only has one purpose so this was also an act of stomach turning blasphemy and desecration. 

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