Melinda Gates Now Biggest Catholic Donor to Pro-Abortion Causes in the World

(National Catholic Register. Matthew McDonald).

For years, Melinda French Gates, who identifies as a Catholic, said she struggled with abortion as a public-policy issue and wouldn’t give money to it from the foundation she helped run with her now-former husband, Bill. The struggle appears to be over. Gates, who has written fondly about her Catholic upbringing, said this week she is giving multimillion-dollar donations to abortion-supporting groups. The May 28 announcement saddened pro-lifers. “Melinda French Gates could do much to help women and their preborn children on the national — and even international level — yet she has decided instead to pour money into the abortion industry that already makes billions of dollars by taking the lives of innocent preborn children,” Carol Tobias, president of the National Right to Life Committee, told the Register. 

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