Gay People Are Priests. Let Us Give Thanks to the Lord, Our God.

(New Ways Ministry. P. Jos Moons, SJ).

Should gay men be admitted to seminaries? Can they be ordained? During a recent conversation with Italy’s bishops, the Pope has said “no.” I am not sure that “no” is the best answer. Unfortunately, a calm conversation on the matter is difficult.

Pope Francis’ comments about gay priests and his use of an offensive term have brought the question of gay men in the priesthood into the spotlight once again. Let’s begin analyzing his remarks by noting that insults and disrespectful comments never serve a good cause. This rule applies equally even to Pope Francis. The disrespectful language he used indicates that, in this regard, he is still in need of conversion—that is, adopting a new mindset. Apparently his 2013 remark, “Who am I to judge?” has not been fully integrated into his way of thinking. But he has apologized, which is a good start.

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