Bishop Conley asks Pope Francis to provide ‘encouragement, clarity, support’ to U.S. bishop

(Wester New York Catholic. Jonah Mckeown).

In a column first published May 15 and posted to the diocesan website May 24, Bishop Conley described his brother bishops as “unquestionably loyal to Pope Francis, which makes his ambiguities and seeming criticisms difficult to understand.” “In my case, life as a bishop has been a blessing, because my brother U.S. bishops have been overwhelmingly good, committed men. They have very different skills and personalities. All have strengths and weaknesses. None of them is close to perfect. But they’re faithful to the Church and devoted to their people,” Bishop Conley wrote. Pope Francis has in the past said that the Church in the United States is marked by “a climate of closure” and “a very strong reactionary attitude,” which “is organized and shapes the way people belong, even emotionally.”

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