Kirill called Putin a man who feeds on God’s grace

(RISU. Glavkom).

On the day of his name day – in memory of Saints Equal-to-the-Apostles Methodius and Cyril, Primate of the Russian Orthodox Church Gundyaev thanked the dictator “for strengthening church life and the Orthodox faith.”

“On this day, I would like to publicly once again express my heartfelt gratitude to the head of our state, President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, an Orthodox person who is not ashamed of his affiliation to the church, who is truly a member of the church, and not just because a large part of the people trust him refers to religious politicians. Not at all. This person really carries a certain, in particular, spiritual charge, because he is nourished by the grace that the Lord gives to his people through the church,” said the head of the Russian Orthodox Church.

Patriarch Kirill emphasized that it is thanks to Putin that the Russian Church has been getting stronger in the last decade.

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