Cardinal Hollerich and synodal inevitability

(The Pillar. Ed Condon)

The relator-general of the global synod on synodality, Cardinal Jean Claude Hollerich, backed this week the incremental and “tactful” progress towards the ordination of women to the priesthood.

The cardinal, who is also Archbishop of Luxembourg, was appointed by Pope Francis to oversee the collection and synthesis of discussion and responses during the multi-year synodal process, due to reconvene in Rome in October.

Hollerich’s call for “patient” discussion towards women’s sacramental ordination runs contrary both to Francis’ affirmation that such ordinations are impossible and that the synod should not be treated as a venue for debating doctrinal change.

But if Hollerich is allowed to continue uncorrected in his role, many might question the integrity of the entire synodal process — and even the pope’s sincerity about his intentions for it.

Speaking to the official media portal of the Swiss bishops’ conference May 17, the cardinal from Luxembourg said that the campaign for the sacramental ordination of women needed to show some “tact and patience” if they wanted to see “real solutions.”

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