Sul diaconato alle donne: alcuni nodi del dibattito

(Giuseppe Guglielmi. Settimana).

I thank Settimananews because it constitutes a place for theological discussion without “endorsements”, institutional sponsors, behind-the-scenes recognition. This means that we can go zu den Sachen selbst , to the things themselves!

I too will try to say something starting from the ongoing debate between Massimo Nardello and Andrea Grillo regarding the female diaconate. I am in favor of the female diaconate and without “prejudices” such as: yes, but locking down its conception and its tasks in detail, in order to avoid then moving on to other degrees of the priesthood. I, on the contrary, believe that for now the Church is called to give “this” answer, leaving believers of the future the ability and possibility to discern what will be most appropriate. The Church must and will do so by trying to put procedures in place. I would only add that in this regard Canon Law (who would have thought it under the pontificate of Pope Francis) is becoming the great (not only) guest.

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