Facebook’s Catholic problem

(Ian Dunn.The Iris Catholic).

Facebook may not be the trendiest platform, but it remains incredibly popular. Every month, more than 3 billion people log in.

The company’s grand mission statement is “to give people the power to build community and bring the world closer together.” Yet, when it comes to Catholics, the tech giant often seems to distance them.

This week, The Irish Catholic fell afoul of Zuckerberg’s team. Two of our posts were accused of breaching ‘hate speech’ and ‘violence and incitement’ community standards.

The first post linked to an article with the headline ‘Priest will continue blessing planes despite airport ban’, published on April 11, and was flagged for potentially violating their standards for violence and incitement.

The second post, with the headline ‘Catholic schools staunch on religious certificate requirements as INTO puts on pressure’, also published in the April 11 edition of the paper, was flagged as potentially contravening their hate speech standards.

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