Editor’s note

In a statement by Luis Badilla, published this afternoon in Il Messagero, the author of Il Sismógrafo said: “I read in amazement that there would be an information project that would take over the Seismograph experience. I deny having ever had anything to do with this project linked to Opus Dei and I don’t even understand why they should use my name”.

From Catholic Radar we want to confirm that indeed this project has no relation with the work developed by Luis, widely praised for his rigor and altruism. We are truly sorry for any misunderstandings that may have arisen in some people.

We also wish to clarify that this project has no institutional relationship with Opus Dei or any other institution of the Church. In fact, the editor is looking for volunteers from a variety of ecclesial sensibilities.

Catholic Radar has no intention of hiding the fact that the editor of the project does belong to Opus Dei, as can be seen in the news item published by Aciprensa this morning.